562: Past and Present Venues

Fenders Ballroom:

Back in the ‘80s, this was the hangout spot for up-to-no-gooders, night people, South Bay punks and angsty, awkward youth. This rathole of glorious debauchery played host to the likes of Iggy Pop, No Doubt, Bad Religion and the Circle Jerks, among others. The place closed down in ‘89 after some squares complained of excessive noise, drunks, gunshots, a mini-riot and a fire, and was eventually demolished.

Price’s Foothill Club:

Technically this place was in Signal Hill, but whatever, they’re basically Long Beach, even after defecting. Opened in 1944, the old Foothill was the place to hit up for a real hillbilly hoedown. Though its tagline was “The country spot of the West Coast,” many punk and rock ‘n’ roll acts were among those that graced its stage. Musical guests included Willie Nelson, Sublime, The Muffs and X. The bar was also featured in the film “Lucky Numbers” starring John Travolta. Like so many other legendary establishments, the venue was bulldozed in favor of condos in 2004.

Illustrated map of Long Beach, CA

Drawing by: Miranda Andrade-Ceja | Daily 49er

Coloring by: Emilio Aldea | Daily 49er

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